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Longview - RBL 442 [1950-2010]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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RBL 442 was leased by M.W. Lo in 1941 just one month before the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong.

He lived to be 90 years old, and passed away in 1985.  He was an inductee in the Hong Kong Tennis Hall of Fame.

Longview's may have been the last lawn tennis court in Hong Kong

MW, as he was known, was a director of Hong Kong Land, and in Peter Hall's book, "In the Web" is described as coming to board meetings sometimes straight from gardening at his Tai Tam home, in a crumpled suit. 

Photos that show this place



There is a beautiful picture of this house (plus an aerial photo) in the National Electronics 2010 Annual Report.

This house was probably sold after M.W. Lo's death because the recent seller was a Caucasian executive.  Going up $10 million in '86 (actually it was $10,100,000 according to one source, but who's counting) to $480 million in 23-years is some kind of growth.

I am confused about the site coverage.  Can anyone clarify?  Most articles in Chinese say this max coverage is 0.9x site area or roughly 29,000-sq. ft. total over two-houses of 14,500-sq. ft. each.  If that is the case, the price paid for the site does not seem that high.

a) is the report online ? Can you please post the link?

b) for a map of the lot

1. Go to http://www.map.gov.hk

2. Pick your language (top right)

3. Click the "lot" link (bottom left)

4. Then Enter


This will show the size of the lot.

annelisec, I know the lot size, it is 32,390-sq. ft.  It is just that most sources are reporting the maximum coverage is 0.9x site area while the English sources suggest an increase from 0.25x to 0.33x. 

It's nothing too important, I'm just curious about the discrepancy.  I'm more curious about the old house in the old TVB series I posted about.

You can use the following link to see Longview in its present form.  I like the house as is.