10 Garden Terrace / 10 Garden Road / Shawncliffe - IL 1213 [1910-1977] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

10 Garden Terrace / 10 Garden Road / Shawncliffe - IL 1213 [1910-1977]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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1888 - Silas David Sassoon - Original Owner


Photos that show this place


Quick searches did not come up with anything on the building.  I'm hoping that this posting will pique the interest of someone who knows.


This c.1910 photo shows "Derrington" in the center with lawns to the right, which was replaced by "Garden Terrace" in the 1930s.   The roof of our "Garden Terrace" mansion id barely visible on the far right of this photo above the gate of the fliter beds.  Bellevue is the mansion that can be clearly seen on the far right.

There are two lots here, which makes things confusing.

1.Derringon was built in the 1880s, address 8 Peak Rd. It was replaced by a terrace (the massive driveway shown in the photo) in the 1930s or so. The new development was named "Garden Terrace" and were apartments.  I believe that the mailing addresses were 1-9 Garden Terrace. [e.g.  1947 Yeoh, Guan-Eng., м.в., BS (Hongkong) ; 1, Garden Terrace (Top), Hongkong. ]

2. Re: the old manison in the photo - original name unknown.  The current address of this lot is #1 Garden Terrace.  The PRO caption on the photos is "10 Garden Terrace". 

So who did own it, during its 70 year history?

Annelisec, I found a little bit of information on the ownership of this property towards the end of its 70-yr. history.  A person named Tisdall, B lived in the G/F flat of 1 Garden Terrace, according to the Royal Asiatic Society roster of members.  I don't know the date of that roster.

The present Garden Terrace was developed by Hysan and Central Development.  It appears that the founder of Central Development - Mr. Hui Oi Chow - owned 10 Garden Terrace up until his death in the 1960s.  A couple of google book snippets confirmed this as his home address.

The Hui family company might have used the house after his death before redeveloping with Hysan.  Central Development still retains all of Tower 1 and also owns Falconridge, Barker Road.  I'll trying finding more information on Falconridge - always really liked that building.

I do have a question about the old house at No. 10.  What building was constructed on the site of the old house?  Was it Tower 1 or No. 1 Robinson Road?  It looks to me like No. 1 Robinson Rd occupies the site of Mr. Hui's former mansion.  

Let's do this by lot number, rather than address. 

IL 1213 can be found in the Lands Registry.  For $25 you can view it in your browser.

IL 648 is also in the Lands Registry.  (I have not looked at either)

IL 1213 is where the mansion "#10 Garden Terrace" stood.  It is now "#1 Garden Terrace ". 

IL 4069 & 4070 appear to be "Block 1 Garden Terrace", which is at 8 Old Peak Rd.

Block 2 & 3 Garden Terrace are at 8A Old Peak Rd.

#1 Robinson Road is yet another building, currently named "Villa Elegance".

I'll let you compare the maps yourself.



Take a look at the old masonry wall on Google Streetview



Ah, I get it now.  A few months ago I saw a flat in No. 1 Garden Terrace advertised as 1 Robinson Road.  I thought No. 1 Garden Terrace was the same as Block One.  Here is the listing that got me confused:


Seems like 1 Garden Terrace was built in '79 and units were sold by the developer.  Chances are the building was developed by Central Development as well.

Notes from brier1:

10 Garden Terrace used to be known as 10 garden Road. The name of the house was Shawncliffe and was lived in by the Benbow Rowe family. I have access to a couple of other images from the early 1900's of this house. If you have any historical details, stories or anything else regarding this property I would be very interested in learning about it. My wife was a Rowe and her father is interested in learning about life at 10 Garden Road when his grandfather lived here.