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kun yan temple after 1958 no hiill.jpg

kun yan temple after 1958 no hiill.jpg

The kun yam hill behind the temple was removed in the 50s to make way for hunghom chuen which was the predecessor of ka wai chuen. One can clearly see one of those government subsidized estate buildings behind it.

On the left of the temple was a maternity clinic built in 1959 which today is a general out-patient clinic. Behind it it looks like the hunghom government primary school built in 1959. By Google map overhead view, one can verify it is that school which still stands empty today.

A note about the exact date. All the above buildings around the temple were built around 1959. The primary school on the right hand side of the temple was rebuilt in 1964. It was called Hung Hom Kaifong Association Primary School (紅磡街坊會小學). The old school there was bombed during the war and they had to use the Kowloon Docks Memorial School building on Tsing Chau Street after the war until 1964 when they moved back. Apparently the left side of the two-storey old school in the 1930s photo was still there in the above picture. The 1964 building still stands today but the school has long gone..

Therefore it is safe to say the above photo was taken between 1959 and 1964.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1959