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1970 Wanchai Luard Road

1970 Wanchai Luard Road
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1970


Right in the middle of the photo stand two relatively tall buildings on the hill. The shorter one is Hong Kong Tang King Po College at which I attended in early 1970s. It is located at No. 25 Kennedy Road. To go to school, I walked up from Queen's Road East for about a hundred steps and that was a good exercise. Nowadays, I believe many of the current students of HKTKPC are taking advantage of the elevators in Hopewell Centre instead.

The taller building beside the College should be Fujiya Mansion at No. 21-23A Kennedy Road. Both the College and the Mansion still exist today.

Thank you Jimmy for pointing out this interesting piece of historical Hong Kong. I've created at place for it (Hong Kong Tang King Po College [1965- ]). If you have photos of the college, you are invited to share them with us.


Thank you for creating a place for Hong Kong Tang King Po College. As I did not have access to a camera before I graduated from secondary school, I did not take any photographs while studying there.

However, I did take two photos of HKTKPC in March 2014 while I was strolling around on Kennedy Road. As I recall, there was not much change between 1970s and 2014 for the two buildings that I mentioned.

I am going to submit the two photos in a moment. Hopefully, my contribution will bring in more photos from other viewers of Gwulo.com smiley

Jimmy, thanks for the photos, I've linked both to the place so that they will be shown when opening the HKTKPC entry on Gwulo.

One unanswered question is the age of the building. From the HK Public Works Annual Report it is clear, that a building on this lot was completed in 1916. The oldest photo I found so far is from about 1949. On this the Tang King Po villa looks different to the surrounding houses (it's much larger) so that it could be a second generation building already. Do you have any information about the age of the building?

I graduated in 1971.