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C.E. Warren Hong Kong Telegraph, page 6, 27th August 1940.png
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Tuesday, August 27, 1940


Unfortunately the demand for bathroom-ware seems to have fizzled out with the evacuation of Hong Kong's European women. My uncle, Leslie Warren had to diversify into air raid shelters and black out materials. Moddsey actually found this advertisement back in 2016 https://gwulo.com/atom/20141  I'm always very happy to be notified about CEW ads, as I'm sure there are many I haven't yet picked up. Please don't stop! On the same link moddsey refers to an article in the Hong Kong Sunday Herald of 18 June 1939  on a bomb-proof shelter supplied to a wealthy Hong Kong resident by C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd. There was some speculation later that this might have been the Lo family at 103 Robinson Road, if I've got that right. There was also a suggestion that the shelter might still exist. 

An update to the link given by Jill: https://gwulo.com/atom/20141

Oh, thanks for the feedback! Honest mistake as couldn't see the ad in the tagged photos for the C.E. Warren organisation thread and I thought the bomb shelter was yet another way the company adapted itself to the times. Happy for David to tag one of the bomb shelter ads to the C.E. Warren organisation thread and delete my contribution to avoid duplication. 

Hardly a mistake, David! And no need to apologise at five years remove from  moddsey's posting of the bomb shelter ad. I could ask David B. to create a gallery for CEW ads, but that would mean my flooding the Gwulo site with pictures of baths and hot water heaters which might pall after a while. I was recently delighted that a water filter ad from the 1930s might be useful to a theatre director trying to create a realistic set. You have posted the earliest CEW ad that I have seen and now you have found one of the last. I wouldn't be able to find all these ads by myself. When I attempted a search for "Warren" in the SCMP Proquest site, I found that there were over 10,000 references in the 1900-1941 period - nearly all ads and many, many repeats. My permitted access to the site was time limited and I simply couldn't look at them all. It's David's decision which of the CEW ads he chooses as representative of the company. I could perhaps try to find the company's ads that contributors have kindly uploaded to Gwulo in the past and just gather those into a gallery. I am always grateful for information about the Warrens in Hong Kong.