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This is a photograph of HMT Neuralia, I assume having arrived from the UK. I know, from reasearch that the ship was in Hong Kong in 1932 and 1936. It took some five plus weeks to sail between the two. Its route may well have been from Southampton to South Africa and then into the Indian Ocean. I have no details so possibly might have more information.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1932


The above photo includes an Arab dhow so most likely taken when passing through the Suez and Red Sea or even Bombay.

British India Steam Navigation Company troopship Neuralia 


Southampton - left 12th February 1932

Gibraltar - arrived 16th February 1932 and left same day

Suez - left 23rd February 1932

Port Sudan - left 28th February 1932

Bombay - arrived 5th March 1932 and left same day

Colombo - arrived 8th March 1932

Singapore - arrived 14th March 1932

Hong Kong - left 19th March 1932

Shanghai - left 29th March 1932

Singapore - arrived 6th April 1932 and left same day 

Suez - arrived 25th April 1932

Port Said - left 26th April 1932

Gibraltar - arrived 2nd May 1932 and left same day 

Southampton - arrived 6th May 1932


Southampton - left 23rd September 1932

Port Said - arrived 3rd October 1932 and left same day

Perim Island, Red Sea - passed it 8th October 1932

Colombo - arrived 17th October 1932 and left same day 

Singapore - arrived 23rd October 1932 and left same day

Hong Kong - arrived 28th October 1932, left 4th November 1932

Shanghai - arrived 7th November 1932, left 10th November 1932

Hong Kong - left 13th November 1932

Singapore - arrived 18th November 1932, left 19th November 1932

Colombo - arrived 24th November 1932, left 25th November 1932

Bombay - arrived 28th November 1932, left 29th November 1932

Suez Canal - arrived 9th December 1932

Port Said - left 10th December 1932

Southampton - arrived 21st December 1932


Sources: from various shipping news and military intelligence as reported in British newspapers 

That is just the schedule from 1932, let alone the other years.

Firstly Thank you for providing such detailed information on the route this vessel will have taken in 1932 I am very grateful. I have found another picture of this ship and will upload to the site later.

I was impressed with the identification of an Arab dhow from my uploaded photograph. This had made it very interesting and obviously someone was keen to take photos of their journey.

Many thanks, greatly appreciated.

You're welcome! And thanks for sharing the photos. How did you come across them?

A casual glance at the newspapers seemed to show regular almost yearly (twice a year as the norm) trips to the Far East and back throughout 20s and 30s for Neuralia - taking troops and civil servants out to Gibraltar, Sudan, Aden, India, Singapore and various ports in China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tientsin) and troops, civil servants and their families back to Blighty.

Thank you for the reply. Well, these were, as are all my posts, from a large pile of photographs that were found. Most have no information on at all. One or two [minority] have writing on back but little or no indication of what or where they were taken. I have now established the following countries America, Canada, Phillipines, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and lately some from the UK. Mostly of people which is more unhelpful. Thanks to the Gwulo Community I have established that a large number are from Hong Kong and possible years. For this help I am extremely grateful.   An interesting exercise.