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Repulse Bay cave

Repulse Bay cave

I cannot recall where I found this photograph of Repulse Bay, but suspect that it was taken in the 1930s.  My interest was in seeing the cave on the shoreline just to the left of the Eucliffe Castle.  This cave is the one in which a few survivors of the Eucliffe massacre hid after tumbling down the steep hillside. The cave would have been invisible from the beach.  It is still there, hidden amongst foliage behind the chain link fence, although I suspect that the cliff has degraded causing the cave to be smaller than it was in 1941.  The photograph makes an interesting comparison with the one that I took in 2003.  I cannot see any sign of PB17 on the photograph.

Cave below Eucliffe.
Cave below Eucliffe., by Andrew Suddaby
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930