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Neon lights Hong Kong.JPG

Neon lights Hong Kong.JPG

I was impressed with this Piccadilly Circus-style advertisement on the last day of a visit to Hong Kong for family research. Perhaps someone can tell me what it is for. I thought I was on my way to the Museum of History when I took this photo, but my i-phone tells me it was the Centennial Park. Grateful if anyone can tell me where I was. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, November 20, 2014


The 2014 Xmas Lights at TST East can be viewed here I think facing the Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and/or Empire Centre 

Thanks moddsey. I didn't catch the Christmas symbolism. I thought it might be an ad for a well-known dairy product! Being able to read the caption would no doubt have helped.

Sure these are Christmas Lights, but not at the Tsim Sha Tsui Centre

TST Christmas
TST Christmas, by Klaus

I'm currently in Switzerland, but after my return I will check my 2014 Christmas decocation photos to see if I can identify the location.

That's very kind, Klaus. I have established that TST East is actually only 6 minutes' walk from the Museum of History, to which I believed I was heading at the time, so that would make sense. In the meantime I've had input from our son who has lived in several Asian countries, including Hong Kong. He points out that the animal in my photo is a goat and that 2015 was going to be the Year of The Goat. He reads it as a hybrid Christmas/Chinese New Year sign that would appeal to as many Hong Kongers as possible. (I had thought the animal was a cow!) He also points out that the goat is wearing a Christmas hat, that I hadn't noticed and that the ball would represent a Christmas decoration. The Kanji very likely says "Happy Christmas". Would you agree with all lthat?

We discussed the "Hello Kitty" image, which one sees all over Japan, but apparently it originated in Hong Kong. How exactly did that come about?

Yes, the festive lights on buildings these days have a Christmas-cum-CNY theme. Correct, not the Tsim Sha Tsui nor the Empire Centres as they were adorned with "Hello Kitty" decorative lights.

The wavy building in the original photo suggests that it may be the South Seas Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui East. 

yes, I initially thought it was the Shangri-La but failed to notice the gap in the middle, so Moddsey is correct. It's the South Seas centre. Also you can see the plaza/urban council garden at the bottom. 

Hi There,

I believe Google Maps may have a photo of the approximate location.  The lower left corner of the photo above appeared to show the Fountain of the Urban Council Centenary Garden.

The perspective may be a bit different as the online photo is an all around 360 degree photo.  


Thank you everyone for nailing the location of these Christmas lights. I'm now intrigued to know if this same figure of the goat was simply reused for CNY, perhaps with the Christmas hat deleted and the legend replaced. In Europe our recognisable "Christmas animal" is the reindeer. Did this ever figure in Hong Kong before the handover? 

I'm also curious to know the origin of "Hello Kitty" and its Christmas significance.

I've checked my 2014 photos for neon lighted buildings. The only ones I have were taken from the harbour (actually Star Ferry Harbour Cruise). This one shows the TST waterfront, unfortunately the South Seas Centre is out of sight.

TST waterfront with neon lights
TST waterfront with neon lights, by Klaus

   Hello Kitty is on both Sino Group buildings, can't identify what's displayed at the Wing On Plaza.

P.S. Found in wikipedia that Kitty had her 40th birthday on 1 November 2014. That's a possible connection.