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Crashed Fairy 111F

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Crashed Fairy 111F

This is the first of two photographs I discovered. It shows an aeroplane crash.

I have investigated the type of aircraft and found that it is a Fairy 111F of 824 Squadron Fleet Air Arm. I was informed that the plane crashed in the mid 30s in Hong Kong.

I have subsequently discovered on Gwulo that there was an aircraft crash on 19th February 1935 on Tai Wan Beach. There is a photograph showing an aeroplane that appears to have its front end buried in the ground. There appears to be very little other damage. My photograph appears to show more damage and an RAF "rescue" truck.

I gather that the aircraft shown was from HMS Hermes  and was also one of nine from the Fleet Spotter Reconnaisance Squadron.

Can any of the community confirm that this photograph is of the same aircraft and that the date is the same as the date provided..

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1935


Fairey 111F-coded 81 serial No S1819-crashed San Tin-NT-HK-07-12-1933.jpg
Fairey 111F-coded 81 serial No S1819-crashed San Tin-NT-HK-07-12-1933.jpg, by IDJ

An abridged account of the accident in the China Mail dated 7 December 1933.

Three members of the RAF, stationed in Hong Kong, had a fortunate escape from death this morning, when the plane in which they were flying came down on the border.

The accident occurred at 1030 a.m. at San Tin Village, in the Lok Ma Chau police district. Two of the occupants escaped uninjured, while another was hurt. The extent of his injuries is, however, not yet known.

Whether the plane crashed or was damaged in making a forced landing is uncertain, as the Air Force authorities at Kai Tak declined to verify or contradict the report.

Update - Later, it is learned that the injured man was Corporal Winter, who is attached to the Kai Tak air base. His injuries are stated to be slight. The other two occupants were officers,  the pilot and the observer.

It is understood that the plane was one of the large type bombers attached to the aircraft carrier, HMS Eagle, which are now stationed at Kai Tak aerodrome.



An abridged account of the accident in the Hong Kong Telegraph dated 7 December 1933.

Fall into Padi Field

Corporal A. E. V. Winter was slightly injured this morning in a mishap to a Kai Tack seaplane which crashed in the New Territories near Lok Ma Chau.

The machine was engaged in exercises when, it is believed engine trouble developed, compelling the pilot to make a crash landing on the outskirts of the village of Sam Tam (sic) close to Lok Ma Chau Police Station.

It is learned, however, that the crash occurred after 9 a.m. this morning, and that the plane was damaged, the underside being, of course, completely wrecked. Two other occupants were in the machine but neither of them were seriously hurt.

Pollce officers at Lok Ma Chau rendered what assistance was possible to the airmen and arranged for the transport of Corporal Winter to Kowloon Hospital. 

The fortunate feature of the mishap was that the machine landed in a padi field, the shock of the crash being minimised somewhat by the soft mud. It is understood that the propellor blade was broken when the machine almost overturned.

Thank you. A great help

Thank you

Can I say thank you to the three community members who have responded to my information request. This gives me a date [very useful] and a considerable amount of detail