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Old Japanese photo of PB009

Old Japanese photo of PB009

See this Japanese photo with the caption "灘頭防禦第9號機槍堡" (Beach head defence pillbox No 9), downloaded from the Japanese National Institute for Defense Studies



The writings were description of the photo, written in Pre-reform Japanese script in formal style (using Kanji and Katakana instead of Hiragana, writing from right to left).

Transcribed, flipped and translated below:

海岸トウチカ  --> Seaside точка --> Seaside pillbox (Japanese doesn't have a word for pillboxes so it borrowed the word from Russia, likely due to them encountered one in earlier wars against the country)

汀ニ最モ接近セルモノ --> The object that is closest to the shoreline

鴨巴甸灣北方 --> North of Aberdeen Bay