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Have a number of photographs for this event which I shall post as soon as scanned

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1936


1937 Illuminations. Coronation of King George VI. The Queen's (Victoria) Statue on the left and the Supreme Court Building in the centre. Today's Statue Square.

I am very grateful for the identification of the night scenes. It now appears that I was wrong in thinking that these were photographs taken at the time of the coronation of King George V1. This was because of the "God Save the King" on one of the photographs.

I have subsequently found three more. These I intent to post after this reply. One of these has an illuminated sign saying King George V 1910 - 1935. The photographs therefore refer to the Silver Jubilee of this monarchy. I also gather this was the first time that a Silver Jubilee was actually celebrated.

Hope that the further photographs are of interest. I have also found some of a parade mixed in with the night time pictures, plus a possible sporting event. These I shall post over the next few days.

Apologise for my error.

Given that the Silver Jubilee in 1935 and Coronation in 1937 were only 2 years apart, there have been alot of photos that have been distributed and mixed up over time because of the events. The Illuminations were quite similar. "God Save the King" is also shown in the Supreme Court photos from 1937.

Update: 1937 Coronation Illuminations of the Supreme Court. The lights "God Save The King" have yet to be at full brilliancy. On closer inspection of the Supreme Court Building below, there appear to be banners hanging near the pillars of the building whereas in the original photo, there appears to be none. Looks like, the photo posted above is from the 1935 Silver Jubilee Illuminations.

1937 Coronation Illuminations - Supreme Court
1937 Coronation Illuminations - Supreme Court, by Moddsey

Again I must say I am very impressed with the amount of knowledge the community has on HK In particular the ability to establish ages of photographs from not to brilliant scans.

Many thanks.