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Postcard to Little Sai Wan R. A .F.

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Postcard to Little Sai Wan R. A .F.

Found this image on a site called-Ships Nostalgia- hopefully of interest to Andrew Sudderby (hello again Andrew) maybe the postcard is from/to a member of your 367 Association.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, December 12, 1956


Hi Bryan,

Many thanks for posting this to Gwulo. Peter Cunningham was a member of the 367 Association, and some of his photographs are in the 367 Association gallery but I cannot place anyone named Alfie(?).  Reading the card makes me glad that I flew to and from Hong Kong and not by troopship!

I have a feeling that some recent(?) emails to me have been automatically sent to the junk folder by my ever vigilant service provider.  If there were any from you my apologies.  Andrew