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Pillbox 426

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Pillbox 426
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, February 15, 2021


Only this part is left? 

Did you reach it from the bridge crossing the Shing Mun Tunnel, and then went downhill along the stream?

Is it close to a building by the stream?


Beside the Shing Mun Tunnel traffice exit side can across the stream to hill. 

Along to the top of hill then WoYiHopRoad leave.

You meant after visiting the PB, you came to the bend of the road where it's also the junction of some steps?


No, at this point leave




But i don't know this is pillbox or not.


Thanks for the route map. I am not sure if the feature in your photo belongs to the PB, have you peeped inside with your cellphone on a selfie stick?

I havn't carry selfie stick. Btw, a ladder place in the hole. But considered safety, I havn't going down.

Been there yesterday, saw the aluminium ladder. We are tended to believe it's a workman's well or alike, though maybe someone is trying to dig into the buried structure below.