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Pak Wai / Shui Tau Tsuen, Kam Tin ??

Seeing that river running by the village reminds me of an account a teacher colleague of mine gave about taking a group of Duke of Edinburgh students camping in a beautiful spot out near Plover Cove. They arrived to find it strewn with litter from previous campers. They decided to clean it up, and had  brought some bags of black bin liners with them. They spent several hours bagging up the hundreds of polystyrene lunch boxes, bottles etc until they had amassed a huge pile. 

Then the problem was...what to do with it all. They had passed a small village up the river from where they were camping. So they sent a small delegation to ask one of the village elders what to do with their rubbish. One of the students explained that they had tidied up the camp site and needed to know what to do next. His reply was..." oh throw it in the river, that is what we do!!". 

Problem solved!