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1955 in Sai Kung ?

1955 in Sai Kung ?

To me this looks like somewhere in Sai Kung with Hiram's Highway and Clear Water Bay Road  in the background ? What say you? All suggestions welcome! 



It could be the amusement park at Lai Chi Kok - that might be Castle PEak Road on the hillside in the background - and I understand there were some ground level pools at the park like the one behind. Just a wild guess though.

You can compare the building at the back to the one on the right in this photo: https://gwulo.com/atom/18957

Thanks for the image and indeed, it looks like it is the same building from a different angle. Looks like my family had a day out in Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park rather than a day out in Sai Kung! 

The overhead shot here shows the building and pool at Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park.