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This is the rear view of the ruin, its facade has a plaque with Chinese two characters "適苑" it. Looks like someone hung it there after it's become a ruin.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, December 22, 2020


In December 2004, I was exploring the military sites on Jardine's lookout and having taken several photographs around JLO 1 including the intriguing one also below showing the inscription inside its turret, I had my lunch in a shelter on the bare clearing where I understood Matheson's bungalow had stood.  The shelter only had a back wall which was quite high and had been substantially built.  It puzzled me as to why anyone would erect a wall like that just to form the back of what was quite a modern and flimsy shelter, a long way from anywhere.  So, I thought that it might have been part of Matheson's bungalow.  As you can see it was/is very close to JLO 1 and if around in 1941, it would have been an important attack point for the Japanese troops moving in on JLO 1.  It would be interesting to know whether my photograph taken 16 years ago is of the same wall shown on the photograph taken by H.Lo, but his wall has what lkook like a door and windows, whereas mine did not and his appears to be taller.  I suspect that his wall is more likely to be on the other side of the clearing, a\way from JLO 1, where on a later visit in 2007 with several friends, they told me that they had seen a Japanese 'tunnel or building' built into the hillside.

If you are intrigued about the inscription in the turret of JLO 1, please visit my 2000 gallery, where I provide more information. I'll add the appropriate photograph below.  I wonder whether the inscription is still legible?

Regards Andrew Suddaby

lunch at site of Matheson's house.
lunch at site of Matheson's house., by Andrew Suddaby



Inscription PB1 Jardines catchwater.
Inscription PB1 Jardines catchwater., by Andrew Suddaby

The photo was taken at a clearing between JLO1 and the Japanese short tunnel (dead end). 

The wall was about 3 metres high ... It was just in front of me when I climbed the stairs from JLO1, a smaller shed was at its right by a level path, that one was more intact.

I haven't peeped into JLO1, most of the openings were blocked.

The place on my photograph matches where you describe, just beyond the top of the stone staircase and close to the edge of the clearing.  However, it was not a closed shed, more of a fairly temporary(?) lean-to against the wall.  The stacked wood, fireplace, table and chairs made me think that somebody must go there fairly often to have a BBQ.  Perhaps there were/are two bits of wall, but I don't recall seeing your much taller and battered length of wall.  I have always been intrigued by the carefully hewn stones used to make those steps up from the catchwater.  I had never seen such a well made staircase up in the hills. Granite is a tough stone and I don't think it would have been cut just to make the steps.  Perhaps those stones came from the demolished bungalow.

So, are the slits at the top of the observtion turret now blocked?

I have seen a ruin closer to the steps, plus a shed by the hill side ... You probably stayed at the latter, for the former is a stone structure.

This is the wall of the ruin facing the steps, the photo with windows of which I posted earlier on is the rear view of the same structure.

IMG_20201222_適苑facade.jpg, by H.Lo

Yes, only the slits of the observation turret are left unblocked.

IMG_20201222_JLO1.jpg, by H.Lo

Thank you for the addtional information.  It's strange but I don't recall seeing that huge old wall.  I wonder if it is on the opposide side of the clearing away from the steps?  I didn't venture to that far side as my interest at the time was all to do with the nearby pill box, and I only went to the clearing to sit down and have my lunch in the shelter.

If you return to JLO1, see whether you can look down into the observation slit that faces South, towards Wong Nei Chung Gap.  I am fairly certain that's the one where W Groot scratched his name.  You have some excellent weather forecast for the next few weeks! Regards, Andrew

The ruin is closer to the steps than the shed ...

Sure, if light is enough, I may try peeping inside JLO1.