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Celebration displays.

Celebration displays.

Can anyone identify what these decorations celebrated?  In 1957/8 I saw them quite often but I thought this was a rare sight in 1981.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, July 30, 1981


Those were not for the ground floor shop. They belonged to the Golden Crown Restaurant 金冠 on the 2nd & 3rd levels. The restaurant's entrance was on the right where the 2 red paper lanterns were hung.

The middle one was for a wedding banquet by the family Ching程; the wedding probably took place overseas, and then one of the 2 families involved threw a party for their own HK friends and families when the couple returned to visit HK. The other side of the couple may or may not have connections in HK.

The other 2 were for birthday banquets hosted by the families Young楊and Chan陳.

Thank you for explaining what they were for.  I always thought that such displays were a wonderful part of the street art of Hong Kong. I'll alter the title.  Best wishes, Andrew