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This document, dated 1882, contains seven sheets on North Barracks, showing commencement and completion dates of various additions.

The Main Block, Soldiers Quarters and Provost Prison: dates Not Known.

Front Wall and Entrance Gates: Commenced Feb 1848, Completed Feb 1949.

RA Guard Room: Commenced Sept 1847 Completed Mar 1849.

Provost Prison: Commenced Dec 1852 Completed Sept 1853. Cells and additional East Wing: Commenced Jul 1862 Completed Jun 1864. Ablution Block and Bath Room: Commenced Dec 1860 Completed Feb 1861.

Other additions, including Cookhouse, Expense Magazine, Ball Court, Skittle Alley, Womens Wash House were built between Nov 1871 and last completion Sep 1880.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1882