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Relatives in Kamsack, SK (1968)

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Relatives in Kamsack, SK (1968)

Upper photo, far right - Uncle Joe Yee (name corrected as per comments below) was the relative who alerted mother "Auntie, duck down quick!"  He and his father (my Grandpa Yee's younger brother, lower photo) operated a Chinese restaurant in Kamsack, Saskatchewan.  His wife is second from right and my mother is third from right.

The woman in green is Grandpa Yee's first daughter (my father's older sister) visiting from Los Angeles.  Her husband is on the far left upper photo.  They operated a restaurant (western style) in Los Angeles.   

The two photos were taken in Kamsack, SK, and my uncle cooked up one great dinner including the best tasty pickerel caught locally. 

1968 in Kamsack, Saskatchewan.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, July 1, 1968


Hello Peter,

I was doing some family history research and came across your post.  I am Vincent Yee's younger son.  My dad passed away earlier this year at the age of 93.

In the first picture above, the man with the glasses at the right (with the jacket) is not my dad, Vincent, but he is my uncle, Joe.  Joe is still doing quite well and is turning 97 later this year.  I believe that his wife, Betty, is standing immediately next to him.  Who is the man at the left (with the tie)?

My understanding is that Joe and my grandfather worked in the same restaurant in Yorkton (at the Yorkton Hotel) back in the 1950's before Joe went to Kamsack in 1953.  Joe and my dad, operated the Star Cafe restaurant in Kamsack from August 1962 to June 1980.

I remember visiting your dad and his wife with my Mom and Dad in 1979 in Regina.  I still remember that he had two dogs at that time.


Ron "Aet Ho" Yee

Thanks Ron for the name correction.  I have expanded the write-up on the photos.  What a great reunion here!  During our visit, Uncle Joe showed us the restaurant which was fairly busy on that day.  He showed us his house; I was impressed by the vegetable plants in the garden.  Next was at uncle's place for a great home-cooked dinner.

And thank you for visiting my parents in Regina.

Regards,  Peter

Hi Peter, no thanks needed. It's great to be reunited virtually.  The first photo was taken in the front yard of the house that I grew up in.  I can see the crab apple tree to the left of the picture. I think the 2nd photo with my grandfather and your aunt from LA was taken in the kitchen at Uncle Joe's house.

I'm not certain who the little boy (being held by my grandfather) is in the picture.  If it is 1968, it is not my brother who would have been 6 and it is not me as I wasn't born yet.  It certainly wouldn't be either of my cousins, Dan or Eugene as they would have been 8 and 11. 

Hi Ron, I was the driver and my father's car was fairly new - a 1967 Buick Wildcat.  In those days, new models of cars for the following year showed up in dealer shops in about September.  The visit took place most likely in 1968.

That little boy could be your brother (update: but was mostly likely not when I looked at this photo again and saw the pacifier in his mouth).  I remember several children playing outside the house and that they were unwilling to join us.  (update: And this boy was happy enough to join in)  They were neighbours.

The trip to Kamsack almost did not happen.  After getting out of Regina, the engine hot light came on.  The driver who stopped to help noticed the thermostat was stuck in closed position.  He loosened the radiator cap one slot, and advised that we regularly check the coolant level, which I did the rest of the journey including adding water as needed.  Uncle from Los Angeles was apologetic and suggested we cancel the trip.  Not an option I explained to him - they came all the way here and this was the only window of opportunity to visit her uncle.  I watched your grandfather cooking including that pickerel fish.

Great you mention the crab apple tree.  Little things in photos besides people can also remind us of the past.   Regards,  Peter