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Lei Yue Mun beacon

Lei Yue Mun beacon
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


(Starboard) Northern green light.

Hi Klaus,

Would the terms PORT (left - red) and STARBOARD (right - green) refer to the sides of a ship rather than to a landmark?

If you go out of Victoria Harbor through LYM, then the N beacon should be on the PORT side of the vessel.

Lateral marks are determined by the direction of buoyage, often according to water flow. In the case of LYM, the direction of buoyage is from the open sea towards Victoria Harbour. Hence,  when ships follow the direction of buoyage, i.e. sailing into Victoria harbour, the LYM south beacon (red no.89) is kept on the port side of the vessel whereas the north beacon (green no.88) is kept to the starboard of the ship. When sailing out of Victoria harbour, the arrangement is reversed.

My remark was a bit sketchy. I assumed that the arrangement of lights by the port authorities was chosen for ships entering the harbour. Therefore both your comments are correct and starboard is at least misleading. I'll cross it out.