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Government Building ..........jpg

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Government Building ..........jpg


I have this photo which I don't know if the building on the back of the hill could have been the government building ?? What year ??

Please let me know. I really appreciate your help Thank you so much


I believe this is a rather rare view of the Number 2 Tank which used to be on Caine Road overlooking the Taipingshan district. The road to the left of the tank should be Caine Lane and the one above would be Caine Road which was still labeled as Bonham Road on the 1889 map. The house above the tank should be on Seymour Road in the vicinity where the Idlewild would later be built. Could the big building in the background be 'The Castle' on Castle Road?

The houses left to right are Craigengower (only roof visible), Glenseskin (large building centre), Idlewild (on seymour road, arched ground floor), Fernside (very top right). Photo was taken by William Pryor Floyd. I am pretty sure the retaining wall for No 2 tank is still there as Caine Road was built on top of it in the 1910s.It could still be seen as late as the 1950s but it is now hidden by a modern retaining wall. The lip can be seen in the below photo


Caine Road Police Quarters
Caine Road Police Quarters, by m20wc51


Thank you all for all the information. Really appreciate  it  !!yes