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Saturday, June 13, 2020


Faded off-white writing on a silverish background HAS to be the most legible combination, I'm sure.

Introduction of Gateway of Li Yuen

This gateway was the main entrance of Li Yuen, a dwelling house of a Li family. According to the Chinese characters inscribed thereon, it was built in the 26th year of the Republic of China (1937). The house has been demolished in the course of urban development with only this gateway remains.

The inscription on the gateway is the calligraphy of Zhu Ruzhen (1870 - 1943), a renowned scholar and calligrapher during the late Qing and early Republican period. In 1906, Zhu was sent to study law in Japan. He became an official in the Ministry of Punishments after returning to China. He also taught in the Jingshi Law School and took part in drawing up civil and commercial law. In 1933, he became president of the Confucian Academy while he was residing in Hong Kong at the time.

Please accept my sincere thank you for the transcription. Thanks again!