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SS President Cleveland 1931

SS President Cleveland 1931

Source:  University of Wisconsin (uwm) here

Photographer:   Pendleton, Robert Larimore, 1890-1957

Photograph of SS President Cleveland at Taikoo Dockyards.

Stereo photography , right hand side shown

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, May 11, 1931


Yes, taken at Taikoo Dockyard. On 11 May 1931, President Cleveland struck a rock off Waglan Island and subsequently entered Taikoo Dockyard for repairs. HK Telegraph 12 May 1931 refers.

Quick and efficient search, I'll amend the details.

Her's the mishap from May 11th, 1931.

Hong Kong, the vessel Cleveland on Waglan Island
Hong Kong, the vessel Cleveland on Waglan Island, by uwm