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brick HEATHFIELD on the ground.jpg

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brick HEATHFIELD on the ground.jpg


Heathfield Fire Clay Works as noted here A similar brick here

Yes, it is the one I found in the internet.

I would like to share the comment from Mark Cranston, below:

Good Morning Jade,

I can confirm the Heathfield brick is of Scottish manufacture.

Interestingly did you notice the Heathfield bricks has a large thumbprint to the top right.  This is a fire brick and would have been hand moulded. The 'wet' bricks are then taken to an air drying area to allow their moisture content to be reduced prior to firing. Some bricks do not slide easily out of their mould and need a little persuasion and this is done by pushing one corner with your thumb, thus many bear the impression of a thumb mark.

Bets regards