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Flats on Cassia Rd Yau Yat Chuen 1970.jpg

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Flats on Cassia Rd Yau Yat Chuen 1970.jpg

Our family lived in these flats for a few months shortly after our arrival in Hong Kong, January 1970. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, February 1, 1970


That picture brings to mind a long-forgotten place!

Looks like the building and possibly the top floor apartment, we had stay ‘in transit’ in 1972 after returning from leave until permanent accommodation became available. Only there a few months thankfully.

In-situ was a particularly nasty amah with an ‘attitude’ who had not been briefed that another family would be staying there while her employers were on leave. She probably thought she would be having an easy time in an empty flat to herself for a few months.

A very territorial black cat with the same nature as the amah was also in residence, and it would not keep out of the bedrooms without a fight every night with us wielding floor brushes to get it to move out.

I recall we were also directly under Kai Tak’s low-altitude flightpath, so aircraft noise and landing lights at night were other unwanted distractions.