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2020 - Maj.Gen. M.A. 'Two-Gun' Cohen - a 496 page life chronology..jpg

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2020 - Maj.Gen. M.A. 'Two-Gun' Cohen - a 496 page life chronology..jpg


尚武精神 - Noble Ideals, Martial Spirit: A Life Chronology Outlining the Chinese Politico-Military Career of London-born Major General Morris Abraham Cohen (1889 – 1970)

JAN 2020 UPDATE (An original post-broadband Internet research concept created and compiled by Michael Alderton)
The Pre-China Years, 1889 – 1922. pp. 3 – 111.
His Twenty Gruelling Years in China, 1923 – 1943. pp. 112 – 346.
The Post-China Years, 1944 – 1970. pp. 347 – 496
(262,000 words).
Record of a Life. pp. 497 – 631.
Revealing Observations. pp. 632 – 789.

Taken from: https://universityofsydney.academia.edu/MichaelAlderton

Other General Cohen related items on https://universityofsydney.academia.edu/MichaelAlderton include:

Notes On General Morris Cohen’s Date Of Birth - A conservative contribution to the recently ignited, revisionist-driven debate, which surprisingly postulates, on the basis of selective latter-day "family" speculation, that General M.A. Cohen had been born in Poland, rather than in Britain as had been historically recorded in numerous international official documents and countless contemporary popular sources.

A Shot Fired Round the World In Defence of General Two-Gun Cohen: Calling Out a Vindictive Injustice - Anyone fortunate enough to have first got to know of Major-General Morris Abraham Cohen (1889-1970), through their reading of senior British East Asia intelligence operative Commander Charles Drage’s delightfully presented 1954 ‘novelography’ titled Two-Gun Cohen, would have been introduced to “one of the most attractive and extraordinary human beings ever presented in a book” – a brave and selfless man who, despite having lived through extremely dangerous and personally battering times, had “never lost his relish for life, his engaging honesty, his industrious self-reliance, and his infinite capacity for friendship and loyalty”.

But those unfortunate enough to have gained knowledge of General Cohen solely through reading mentions of him in today’s world press might well have been introduced to a far less attractive character in the person, perhaps, of a “bumptious rascal”, a “glutton and womanizer”, a “petty criminal and incorrigible braggart”, a “ruffian who lacked moral backbone”, an “hedonistic, charlatan Jew”, or even a “criminal mastermind” and “versatile low-life”.

If there has been one thing that has led to this drastic re-assessment of General Cohen’s character and achievements it is today’s totally uncritical acceptance of a vindictive 1925 police report on him that was pretty much completely ignored in its day. ......

REAL to REEL: A Film Industry Related Article on the Seventy-Five Yearlong History of the Making of 2 Gun Cohen the Movie - An exposition on the seventy-five yearlong, ever shifting, sometimes misinformed, motion picture initiatives whereby a London-born, picturesque heroic figure in real life might, over time, vainly be re-invented as a Polish-born, picaresque anti-hero for the screen.