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1977 HKK Park Theatre Tung Lo Wan Road - bus.jpg

1977 HKK Park Theatre Tung Lo Wan Road - bus.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, December 20, 1977


The date of the photo is very specific so I presume Alain is sure of it. 

The film showing today was "Red Sun" (1971) and re-releases were common. But that was not what caught my eye. It was the other painted billboard which clearly shows a Tusken raider sitting on a Bantha ie it's "Star Wars" (1977). The release date of Star Wars in HK was 26th January 1978 so it must be a "Next Change" or "Coming soon" movie being advertised, otherwise the photo would be dated 1978.

Wow. Just a great photo for me. Nostalgic for me as this was where I may have seen Star Wars during my childhood. I certainly still remember seeing "Jaws" (1975) in Park Theatre on its theatrical release, and "Bugsy Malone" (1976) at the nearby Hoover Theatre. 

Hi eurasian_david

Thank you for your comment.

You looked closely at the picture. I did not see the Bantha before !

We spent only a few days in Hong Kong and I am sure of the date

star-wars-hong-kong_poster_1978.jpg, by 20th Century Fox


Yes, the Chinese character to the left for the name of the film does match the painted one on the billboard 

Hi There,

Those composite boards were all hand drawn back in those days.  Local movie industry employed artists for these tasks.  It is a faded art and replaced by those big LED screens.


WOW, this photo really brings back memories!

I lived in North Point and went to Wanchai's St Josephs Primary School. Once I got to 5th grade I would taking the number 10 bus to school on Saturdays which passed by Park Theatre. Or my family would take the tram to Causeway Bay to shop. I still remember the movie Grease on the large billboard!!