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Purchase tax receipt. 1957.

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Purchase tax receipt. 1957.


Hi David, I know exactly what this is because have one in my album it’s a purchase tax receipt for goods your dad declared in the customs hall on Southampton docks on arrival back into England,- wonder if he had to open that large trunk to satisfy the custom officers that was all he had to declare,- do you recognise the signature at the bottom of the form? The Nevasa actually arrived home the day before the date on this form(30 July 1957).    Bryan.

Hi Bryan I don't recognise the signature. It's certainly not my fathers.


Hi David.

Thats what I thought,   plus the goods on the receipt are not the same as the receipts for the articles he  bought prior to leaving Hong Kong, I’m unable to read from the internet the descriptions for the actual goods on this form, can you,  a mystery.!!  Bryan.

Hi Bryan,

Cant read it all but some of it is a Brownie 8mm cine camera. I posted another picture of the receipt from where he bought it.To Bros photo service.(Tarzan & company).


I think the 3 lines are:

One cine camera ?BRIT. (earlier models were produced in the USA)

Brownie 8mm

EKTANON f2.7 lens

They all referred to the same item.



For more info about Kodak Brownie cameras:



Thank you, Tykho  for reading this receipt and the info on Kodak Brownie cameras, wonder if Tunster or his brother remember this Hong Kong bought camera being used by their father when they were children?   Bryan.

Hi Bryan, my name is Stephen, brother to Tunster, I can remember my dad using the camera to film local carnivals such as Buxton and Chapel en le Frith, and also various family events. I am in the process of having the films converted onto usb, the ones I have had done so far have certainly brought back some memories. On one film there is a short clip of what looks like  Honk Kong and the ship they were on, I will look at it again and try and study it in more detail.



Hi Stephen—David. It’s pleasing to know your fathers camera was put good use and helps provide you with childhood memories, if there is anything relating to Hong Kong there are a number of members on this forum who  would be pleased to view them /it  if possible. Now remember why its not your fathers  signature on the customs receipt, those of us bringing anything liable to incur duty(purchase tax) through customs would spread our goods among our mates who had nothing to declare to minimise the risk of being caught with having to pay for everything we brought in,  as with up to 1000 military arriving together not all were checked by customs, Your father appears to be one of these men.(hope the chancellor of exchequer doesn’t read this)  Regards. Bryan.