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7th queens own hussars date 1956

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7th queens own hussars date 1956

My father is second row from the back. 3rd in from the left.


Hi David. I’m Looking at the highly polished boots!! on these soldiers, this tells me it’s your fathers platoon after their passing out parade after 6 weeks basic training and he is now a fully trained soldier? the group photo with them is their platoon sargeant- corporal- and officer. You tell me your dad was eventually a vehicle mechanic so probably his next move would be to Taunton for training on repairing military vehicles. After passing this test he would become a Craftsman and not a private soldier. I’m 95% certain this photo is taken on the parade ground at Heathfield Camp Honiton, fairly sure I recognise the background, because this is the camp I arrived at on 21 June 1956. (small world sometimes) for my basic training!!. Its only after becoming fully trained we were then posted to other REME workshops or as Light Aid Detachments to Regiments throughout the world, in your fathers  case to Queens Own 7th Hussars in Hong Kong, This would put me about 4 weeks behind your father at the same camp. Regards Bryan.

Hi Bryan, I hope your enjoying this trip down memory lane as much as I am finding information out about my fathers time doing national service. Why he chose never to tell us I guess I will never know. When I visit the care home next time I will go armed with my iPad and this website and see if he can remember anything.

your imput along with others has been invaluable to me.

thanks again David.


Which Squadron was he with in Hong Kong? (I note from separate discussion with Bryan that each Squadron had its own REME attachment)

Have you any photos of their tanks - likely Comet or Churchill at that stage ?


3rd troop B squadron 7th Hussars.

Hoping someone can direct me to photos or information source.

My Father PTE Cully served in the 7th Queens Own Hussars "C" Squadron from 1954-57 

looking for more.

WG Cully

Hello W. G.

l arrived in Hong Kong in Mar. 1957 on troopship Nevasa and remember the 7th Hussars leaving the colony at end of June 1957 as I was then posted to Royal Tank Regiment at Sek Kong as they replaced them there.

If you enter- bryan Panter -or/ and -fred evans - in search box top right corner of Gwulo home page wou should be able to view photos of Sek Kong and the Comet Tanks, there are also photos I took of 1957 Queens Birthday Parade in April of that year,in which the Hussars took part,  if you or your father have any photos of his time in Hong Kong this is the ideal site to have them viewed and identified as I know from personal experience.

Your father would have returned to England on Troopship Nevasa(maybe you already know this?) l knew 2 lads who joined the 7th Hussars both sadly now passed away, and surprisingly  Colonal Llewelyn-Palmer  of the regiment lived at one time in the next village to me. Bryan Panter.



Hi Bryan,

I only have one photo of my dad in his uniform standing what looks to be outside his barricks. Whats nice about the photo is the silk background my dad had made in Hong Kong. I tried to figure out how to load the picture? couldn't do it. I would be happy to send it to you so you could have a look.

I was hoping I could find some pictures online of him with his squadron but I have had no luck?


Not much use at the moment due to Covid lockdown, but the 7QOH Regimental Museum in Warwick (at least that's where it was a few years ago) have an Archive and that includes a photo album of their time in Hong Kong. A bit random I know but could be worth an enquiry. 

Good luck

Steve Pannell

Hi Garry.
             Would be pleased to view your fathers photo. Hope DAVID the owner of this most interesting and informative forum sees this comment as am happy for him to send  my email address to you privately,  will then upload the photo here for all to see.     Just to update you regarding the Hussars museum in Warwick - info from Steve Pannell (Hello again Steve) the museum has been undergoing a major refurbishment but is due to reopen  when this COVID pandemic ends.