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Hong Kong 1953

Hong Kong 1953


Royal Tank Regiment Barracks -Sek Kong-1957
Royal Tank Regiment Barracks -Sek Kong-1957, by Bryan Panter

Hi David 

Here’s a different view of the barracks at Sek Kong your father was billeted in while attached to the Queens Own 7th Hussars, the barrack(41) was the REME barrack of B Squadron of the Regiment when I was there, so if you could find any info that your dad was connected to B sq.this would have been his home, as the REME personal attached to each of the four squadrons(A-B-C-HQ- of the Regiment were housed in their own barracks within each squadron.    Bryan.

Hi Bryan, that's a great photo. My brother has some photos and he has registered on here so he may have some of the barracks. I have found his call up papers. I will post pictures.