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Peking Road c 1995

Peking Road c 1995

Hankow Centre (built 1968) is there, but I can't see Kowloon Park Drive.

On the right, a brick house is visible, it's the old Peking Road Market.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1995


The old market on Peking Road did survive into the 1990s. It was transformed into flagship stores for several fashion boutiques. The Peninsula Office Tower on the right opened in 1994. 

Hi moddsey, yes, you're right. I was puzzled that I couldn't see Kowloon Park Drive and thought the photo was older. I'll reset the date of the photo to the original 1995 and amend the market's lifespan. Regards, Klaus

One Peking Road was completed in 2003. The old market may have survived till later. Cheers!

Emporis reports that work on One Peking Road started in 2000. From your remark and this information, I'll set the demolition date to 1999.