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15HKG Scout Visit Tai Po, c1950

15HKG Scout Visit Tai Po, c1950

15HKG Scout Visit Tai Po, c1950, possible 1952-3 as this was found in the same pile of photos taken by 15HKG Scout representatives during the 1952-3 Pan-Pacific Scout Jamboree.

Background looks like the old Tai Po Railway Station sign.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


The station was later renamed to Tai Po Kau station to (I think) avoid confusion with Tai Po Market station closer to town. The station was closed and demolished in 1983 when the system underwent electrification. There is a KCR/MTR staff quarters on the site now. 

I can identify Stephen Ching L5 and Chau Chamson L3 ( who became Chief Commissioner of Hong Kong Scouts 1984-1996), they are still around though not in their best of health; having last dined with them in November and December of last year when Stephen Ching was back to Hong Kong for a brief visit.