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REME Tramps Ball - 1957?1958?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, May 8, 1957


Hello Patrick.

  Sorry to say I do not remember any association in REME Sek Kong with the surname Hill. There are 2 names I do remember of men of REME attached to Tank Regiment at that time living in the married quarters in Sek Kong ,a W/O Richard Forder and S/S Charles Street, have viewed your upload photo of the tramps ball but do not recognise them there.

Do recall there was an active branch of Women’s Voluntary Service in Sek Kong as they would organise outings etc. for us ordinary national servicemen from the camp at weekends, I went on a number of them. Guess your mother was proberly too busy with her young children to be involved in 1957/8.

Have a memory somewhere of -The Twisk Times - newspaper, will return shortly.

Regards Bryan Panter.


Hello Patrick.

Here is the article that mentions the Twisk Times newspaper among my photos etc. as you can see there are also photos of Sek Kong school and some of the children.  I would read a newspaper suppiled around the camp with special interest to see when troopships were arriving and departing from/to  Kowloon as i knew one day my trooper would arrive. and guess  this would be the only regular newspaper  available to us.  was it a daily or maybe weekly publication? See from the copy you have kindly uploaded your parents announcment was a April 1957 edition, did they arrive on troopship Nevasa on March 9th? --  Regards-   Bryan.

1957 Hong Kong Army article - page 11
1957 Hong Kong Army article - page 11, by Admin

Hi Bryan - I have showed the photos you have uploaded to them both and they have enjoyed seeing them and talking about their time in Sek Kong and the village. 

They arrived in early February on the Empire Fowey - my dad was already in Singapore and that's where my mum and older brothers were expecting to disembark but they travelled onwards to Hong Kong.

Twisk times was a monthly paper and I will try and upload more artilcles and the arrival/departures- as well as some more images - they certainly enjoyed life there.

Nice to make contact with you.