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Arrival of British Troops H.M.C.S. Ontario

Arrival of British Troops H.M.C.S. Ontario



Arrival of British Troops 

Skirling pipes in the streets of Hong Kong yesterday told the people that British Army and Air units had arrived to relieve the Royal Navy, a detachment of which, under Rear-Admiral Harcourt, was the first force ashore 12 days ago.

Accompanied by H.M.C.S. Ontario – built in Belfast and described at the commissioning ceremony last April as “Queen of the Canadian Navy,” the troops arrived in the transports Glengyle and Llanstephen Castle and the aircraft-carrier H.M.S. Smiter.

The main body of troops has not yet disembarked, but the pipe band of the Third Commando Brigade paraded through the main street as soon as it went ashore.

One task of the commandos will be to round up 3,000 Japanese still at large.

The cargo of the Smiter included £50,000,000 in freshly printed Hong Kong notes contained in 166 boxes.


Source: Belfast News-Letter, page 3, 13th September 1945

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, September 13, 1945