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RAF Men Adopt Two Chinese Boys.png

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RAF Men Adopt Two Chinese Boys.png

R.A.F. Men Adopt Two Chinese Boys

Two little Chinese boys have been adopted by a R.A.F. Spitfire Squadron stationed at Kaitak airfield, Kowloon, Hong Kong. When the squadron took over the airfield from the Japanese, the children, who are brothers, presented themselves at the orderly-room. One could speak English, and he informed the corporal that his father had been murdered by the Japanese, and his mother was seriously ill. A visit was made to the mother, and she was told that her children would be “adopted.” She was delighted, and the station medical officer who examined her said that the news may speed her recovery. The children have been named “Big Wings” (aged eleven) and “Little Wings” (aged eight).

Source: Liverpool Echo, page 4, 29th November 1945  

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, November 29, 1945


Several more pictures of the boys exploring Spitfires at  Kai Tak are listed on the UK's Imperial War Museum website under 'Photographs' and the "Hong Kong" catagory

I wonder what their future lives were after Hong Kong had settled down after the war was over? 

The IWM appears to have silent footage of the boys as well


In the notes section it listed the name of the elder boy as 'Chang Kwai-Tong'