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Titania photo 11.jpg

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Titania photo 11.jpg

From the Ward Room Mess album of H.M.S. Titania

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1929


Additional notes from Jill:

We don't have specific information about the occasion that this photo commemorates and precisely where it was taken. It seems to show the visit of a very senior Chinese admiral to HMS Titania. The stripes on his sleeve don't correspond to the ranks of the Royal Navy. As I mentioned for the photo taken by WR Fell of the Chinese navy, the two navies were collaborating in the 1920s in keeping down the pirates up and down the China coast and around Hong Kong where there are so many coves and inlets to hide in. This photo comes from the HMS Titania Ward Room Mess Album preserved by WR Fell. Perhaps somebody will know the name of the Chinese admiral and perhaps the occasion in 1928 or 1929 that this photo commemorates.

Appears to be a Japanese Admiral.

The Japanese Navy headed by Admiral of the Fleet, Kanji Kato made a port visit to Hong Kong on 9-14 April 1928. See here 

It is noted that officers of the Japanese Navy had visited British warships in the harbour


That's great finally to know the who, when, where and what shown in this photograph, and especially to get the nationality of the admiral right. Thank you moddsey. I shall put a note in the album.

Hello Jill, I am interested in discussing Captain Fell with you, but the topic does not fit this website. Would you kindly email me at gusmellon at hotmail.com and I will explain myself further. Thank you and Kind Regards Gus