Can Anybody ID this building pls? | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Can Anybody ID this building pls?

Can Anybody ID this building pls?

I am told this was a residential building in HK around 1981 as some senior Swire people lived here. Thanks in advance



It's one of the several Swire buildings that was located up the hill from Taikoo factory. Also Andrew Tse has more pictures of it over on Flickr.

Much appreciated. What a grand old building it was.

Any idea when it was demolished and what replaced it? Andrew Tse's pictures were taken in 2001 but from the panorama pictures on Gwulo of that area, I thought they had been demolished well before 2001 to make way for Kornhill/Taikoo Shing

I think his pictures were in fact taken throughout the 70's and 80's. The largest development in that area is named after one of the old buildings, Kornhill, and the current development was constructed in the mid-80's, so it's likely many of these buildings were around until perhaps the early 1980s. Without knowing the exact building and where it was situated its hard to be exact. There is a single solitary survivor in that area called Woodside, which is open to the public.  


Edit: now identified as Kornhill East