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1934 Avro Cierva Autogyro

1934 Avro Cierva Autogyro

A rare photo of an autogyro at Kai Tak. In 1934, the Far East Aviation Company's first autogyro met with disaster during a demonstration flight at Kai Tak on 28 December 1934. The machine had just risen a few feet off the ground when it was caught by a sudden gust of wind. Out of control, the aircraft toppled over and fell to the ground smashing its nose, front and overhead propellers and undercarriage. The pilot escaped injury. China Mail 29 December 1934 refers.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, December 15, 1934


South China Morning Post, 22 December 1934

AUTOGYRO FLIGHT- First Machine of Its Kind in Hong Kong

The first autogyro aeroplane to be seen in Hong Kong was flown from Kai Tak aerodrome yesterday afternoon by a member of the Far East Aviation Company. The Company have brought the machine out for demonstration purposes. This autogyro is an Avro Cierva and is fitted with an Armstrong Genet 140 h.p. engine.

South China Morning Post, 29 December 1934


Hong Kong’s first autogyro which made its initial flight in the Colony last week met with disaster at Kai Tak yesterday afternoon.

The machine which was piloted by Mr H.A. Howes, of the Far East Aviation Company on a demonstration at 5 p.m. It has only risen a few feet in the air when it was caught by a sudden gust of wind. The machine toppled over in the air, and fell to the ground, out of control.

The large overhead propeller, which allows the machine to make a vertical ascent, was also smashed. Mr Howes who was flying solo was uninjured.

The machine which was brought to Hong Kong by the Far East Aviation Company for demonstration purposes is an Avro Cierva and was built in Britain. It is fitted with an Armstrong Genet 140 h. p. engine, and during the past week, has made several successful demonstration flights in the Colony.