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HMS Bounty replica

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HMS Bounty replica

A replica of HMS Bounty that roamed the harbour in recent years has apparently disappeared.

A related website stated it had been de-commissioned

Is it still in Hong Kong? If so where?

Hopefully it hasn’t met the same fate as the Hilton Hotel’s popular WAN FU and become similarly landlocked as a bar or restaurant.

I originally saw this vessel operating trips for tourists in Sydney harbour.

Presumably it motored/sailed up to Hong Kong? If so, the story of the trip could be an interesting read.

The iconic DOULAS veteran passenger/cargo vessel has also been grounded in Indonesia as a hotel according the SCMP magazine. It was a fairly regular sight moored at the Ocean Terminal when it was open to book fair visitors. The MV DOULAS. was advertised as the oldest ship of its type still operating at sea. It originally had steam powered triple-expansion engines.. On a visit I was given a drawing of the original engines

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, November 23, 2012


The last time I saw it was back in 2013 and it was docked just outside Discovery bay marina. I'm not sure what happened to it since then. My understanding was that it was used by a local charity to give handicapped and disabled children some sailing experience.

Bounty replica
Bounty replica, by Philk

I think the sail training vessel used by handicapped and disabled youngsters was a motorised Junk with sails called the HUAN sponsored by the Jockey Club.

Its since beeen superseded with what I presume is a purpose built Junk type vessel which looks very odd