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Ap Lei Chau Power Station

Ap Lei Chau Power Station

On Flickr incorrectly atrributed to Tsing Yi Power Station.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, July 1, 1984


Hi There,

I believe this was the Ap Lei Chau Power plant in its full capacity.  The skyline appeared to be the Peak, Mount Kellet area.  On the other hand.  The power cable towers are what's been used on Hong Kong Island.  If it was the CLP they use taller towers.


Hi T, you are right. The photo is incorrectly attributed to Tsing Yi on Flickr. Both plants look very similar, so its easy to get on false tracks. Here is a photo of the Ap Lei Chau Plant. On the left building, blue vertical stripes can be seen - the same on the posted one.

Regards, Klaus

The striped building on the extreme left refered to by Klaus were the first stages of the construction built in 1967 & 69