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Queen's Pier

Queen's Pier
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


Hi Andrew, I'm pretty sure that this is Queen's Pier (1st gen.). 3rd generation Murray Pier was much smaller.

Regards, Klaus

Thank you Klaus.  I've changed the title and the pin used. Which pier is it in the background? Andrew

It's Central Star Ferry Pier (2nd Location, Connaught Rd off Ice House St) [1912-1957]. 

Please also amend https://gwulo.com/atom/33347

Hi Andrew, I just made a mistake in adding the wrong place (Star Ferry Pier 3rd location). Could you please delete this one, the 2nd gen pier is correct. Unfortunately, I myself cannot delete it. Regards, Klaus

Hi Klaus,

It’s done - now I’m hoping that David will delete a batch of photographs that I’ve just uploaded twice!

Cheers Andrew