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Large sea inlet

Large sea inlet

This was the next photograph in Malcolm's contribution.  If the previous one was indeed Tide Cove then it is likely that this too was taken from the train but further out along the line, overlooking the road and Tolo Harbour.  The conical hill on the left looks familiar - is it where Island House stood just before Tai Po?  Any suggestions? (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


This is the view from Tuen Mun/Castle Peak Bay looking south towards Lantau in the distance. The promontory is where the Sam Shing temple still stands today.

It looks as though Malcom took several photos as he made his way through this part of Castle Peak Road.

Thank you Phil.  Yes, these several photographs are very likely to have been taken during one journey along the Castle Peak Road.  Malcolm made a significant contribution to the 367 archive and it is easy to see that he had a good eye for composition. I do know that, later, he became a professional photographer. I’ll alter the titles of these photographs and try to locate pins onto the maps, if they don’t already exist. Well done everyone. If you’ll excuse the pun I was well and truly ‘up the wrong creek’.  Regards Andrew

it might be worth just creating a catch-all pin for Castle Peak Bay rather than adding separate pins for each photo. I guess David would be better to advise. But my best guess for the sea inlet picture would be around the M.S 20 mark (according to the 1952 map) and this image is perhaps taken a bit further south but it's hard to know how far (Maybe around today's handsome court area..but it's only guess work).