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Sea inlet

Sea inlet

This was possibly taken from the train heading North near Shatin. A large sea going junk is just visible at the extreme left, but the  mountain tapering down on the right does not look right.  Any thoughts?  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


Hi Andrew, here is my candidate - that spur across the water looks like here -

Several Google street views from the current Science Park looking to the East-southeast give a similar ridgeline.  Regards,  Peter

This is the north slope of Castle Peak. The position suggests somewhere to the south of where the San Hui photo was taken, but not too far away. Most likely this and the San Hui one were taken very close together. Which one was taken first though would depend on Malcolm's direction of travel.

That funny bump on the ridge line appears on the very extreme right of the San Hui picture ridgleline.

1960s Castle Peak Bay
1960s Castle Peak Bay, by Moddsey

Thanks Phil and moddsey for identify the correct location.  Can't blame my new prescription glasses nor my coffee.  Regards,   Peter

Thank you all for your comments.  It should have dawned on me that, as the previous photograph was over in the West, this one was unlikely to be in the Tide Cove / Tolo Harbour area. Amendments and if necessary new pin to follow. Best wishes Andrew