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Lai Chi Kok 1955 or 56

Lai Chi Kok 1955 or 56

Don was a good swimmer and was in the R.A.F. water polo team.  Most of the swiming pavilions had excellent matshed buildings.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 1, 1956


Thank you Andrew, this brings back happy memories of the 1950s.  The amusement park had three swimming pools: a small one for children; next to it a larger and deeper one for adults; and a "special" pool with cleaner water, fewer swimmers, and cost slightly extra to use.  Their pools used fresh water but I am not sure whether it came from city or area runoff.

The public beach was a popular place, and one could rent a row boat to have fun with friends, or take your date on a sight-seeing trip.

I used these pavalions a few times as they were convenient, provided quick access to deeper salt water, low cost storage and shower.  The cold water took half a minute to get used to.  For parents, this was most likely a preferred place to keep an eye on their children.

Regards,  Peter  

Lai Chi Kok, 1955
Lai Chi Kok, 1955, by m20wc51

Thanks Moddsey. It’s Interesting to see how so much of the land was still undeveloped. Andrew