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Wang Fung Terrace a.

Wang Fung Terrace a.

The original photographs were very small, so my apologies for the low resolution of, especially, this first image.  They show the first 'home' of 367 Signals unit immediately after the war.  The Unit took over all of the 4, maybe up to 6, pre-war blocks of flats that stood in relative isolation on Wang Fung Terrace. At least one of them survived into 2007, but I see on Google Earth that it was recently covered in scaffolding and plastic so it has either been demolished or hopefully, because of its architectural quality, it has been renovated. Other photographs of these buildings can be seen in Jack Cubitt's subgallery, who I believe was one of the first R.A.F. Personnel to arrive in Hong Kong perhaps slightly before Len. (Andrew S)


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, October 1, 1946