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Street Vendor-March 1958

Street Vendor-March 1958

The rear of my photo says-Peanut Vendor??, would someone have been able to make a living in 1950s selling these nuts?were they popular with the local people?. The smart schoolboy entering the photo from the left would now be 74/75 years old.Photo taken somewhere in Victoria in March 1958.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, March 1, 1958


The peanuts are easily visible in the big jars, they were sold for peanuts. But peanuts do add up. In those days there were not too many kinds of snacks available. Peanuts were one of the more popular ones. He could certainly make a living selling peanuts for peanuts, just not a luxurious one.

Which school's uniform was this little guy wearing?

St. Joseph's ? Pehaps Tramway Path opposite the Lower Peak Tram Station.