Vampire jet, the first R.A.F. jet to land at Kai Tak. | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Vampire jet, the first R.A.F. jet to land at Kai Tak.

Vampire jet, the first R.A.F. jet to land at Kai Tak.

Probably 1950.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


Details of the first Vampire flight in Hong Kong on 15 January 1949 can be viewed at  The demonstration flight with take-off and landing at Kai Tak was made by a Vampire with registration VG703. 

The honour of the first Vampire aircraft arrival into Kai Tak may have fallen to the aircraft shown above some time later. The date of arrival would probably be 13 May 1950 when a Vampire was flown to Kai Tak from Singapore via Saigon. Comparisons were made in the local press of the 'newer' Vampire with the aircraft flown in the previous year.

In the Singapore press a few months prior to the aircraft's arrival in Hong Kong, mention is made here of the 'new' Vampire aircraft that had been sent out for tropical tests. The aircraft shown in the article with partial registration bears a close resemblance to the photo shown above.

An aside, mention is made here of the structure on top of the hill on the northern side of Kai Tak airfield.


Thank you Moddsey for another very informative contribution. I believe that John’s description of his photograph was written many years after he took the photograph, so it might very well not be entirely accurate. Certainly, the last two or three digits of the registration number of ‘his’ Vampire are the same as the one illustrated in the Straits newspaper article, and the tail fins do look slightly more rounded. I’m looking forward to hearing another of David’s excellent talks in London later today. Best wishes, Andrew.