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The Horsa is now the only surviving one of about 24 Handley Page Hermes planes, built by the company as the first post war British airliner. The fleet had a short history flying with B.O.A.C. before being sold off to several independent airlines, when B.O.A.C. introduced the Canadair Argonaut, a derivative of the DC4.  This particular plane was sold to Airwork and, I believe, later on to Silver City, before being reacquired by B.O.A.C. to be used as a cabin staff training fuselage.  So, it survived and it is now maintained indoors at the Imperial War Museum's site at Duxford in England.  By chance it is the very plane in which I returned from Hong Kong to England in in 1958. (Andrew S,  2019)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 2000