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Susie Wong.

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Susie Wong.

Frances Nuyan receives touches to her make up before a scene is shot - almost certainly at the same location as the earlier photograph.  (Andrew S)

See ther correction below.  It's Nancy Kwan (Andrew)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, May 7, 1960


The setting is the fictional Nam Kok Hotel. Corner of Ladder Street and Hollywood Road. 

Thanks Moddsey,

I still occasionally watch the film to remind me how Hong Kong was in the mid 1950s - the same with Soldier of Fortune!


This is the Nancy Kwan version of Suzie. Also, this indicates the picture was snapped sometime around May 1960.

(Nuyen filmed in HK in Jan 1960 but was sacked later that month - Kwan was cast in Feb 1960 but didn't arrive for filming in HK until May 6th 1960).

Thanks Phil. Corrections added above.  Andrew