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Peter Fry and Brian try out the cockpits of a very much grounded training 'aircraft' of the F.E.F.T.S.  Notice that the wings have been removed.  This was possibly at Kai Tak but more likely Sek Kong. (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, September 1, 1958


This is one of three American manufactured RYAN training aircraft acquired by the Far East Flying Training School immediately after the war.

Two wre sold on to  buyers in Norway and Thailand and then onto Oz. They probably still exist

One crashed into the harbour . Presumably this is the ground-engineers training plane. Other pics of it exist with an odd engine configuration used for training purposes

Thank you IDJ for your interesting comment. Andrew

Given the F.E.F.T.S was based at Kai Tak, the photo was probably taken outside the establishment. The RYAN with wings and as an instructional aircraft at Kai Tak can be viewed here

Thanks, Moddsey.  Kai Tak it is.  Andrew